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Our Services Hydrafacials

This is a non-invasive treatment to improve skin health, addresses individual concerns and creates the signature “HydraFacial glow”.

The only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that uses patented vortex technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate.

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Boosters can be added to address specific skin care needs. This treatment can also include:

  • LightStim blue or red-light therapy is used to help with aging, collagen production, and acne treatment.
  • Perk Lip & Eye treatment is infused with powerful ingredients and blends to exfoliate and smooth your lips and around the eye area.
  • Lymphatic drainage therapy–This can be done with a patented Hydrafacial device that uses high-pressure suction to manually massage and drain lymph nodes. This drainage can improve circulation, depuff, detoxify, tone, and firm the facial skin.
esthetician dusting hydrafacial procedure

 Wave was awarded the Black Diamond Hydrafacial Status in 2023.

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